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Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Are We Encouraging The Right Things?

Jeremy sends in today’s Q&A podcast question asking about the call the arms after the Orlando nightclub shooting.

Are we just encouraging people to start shooting at the first sign of trouble?

Absolutely not. We’re never encouraging people to start shooting at the first sign of trouble. I’m also not telling people that they should always be armed if they’re going out with friends to a night club to have a few drinks and a good time. However, I think a lot of people travel out to clubs with a designated driver, so there’s no reason that they couldn’t also have a designated carrier. I’ve actually been the designated driver/carrier before.

The “first sign or trouble” argument is one I hear from the anti-gun crowd a lot. It implies that we (gun owners) are trigger happy, itching to shoot someone, and statistics show that just isn’t the case.

In a situation where there’s a spree shooter, like the Orlando nightclub shooting, I think a couple of armed people could change the outcome tremendously. It wasn’t the case in this situation, but a lot of these guys go and off themselves at the first sign of resistance. We’ve seen it many times.

I don’t think we should encourage people to just go buy a gun and start carrying it, and I haven’t seen anyone doing that. What I’ve seen happen after the Orlando shooting was this awesome project spearheaded by Erin Palette of Blue Collar Prepping/Gunblog Variety Cast called Project Blazing Sword which is a bunch of shooting instructors across the country who have stepped forward in all 50 states saying that they’re willing to provide FREE training to folks in the LGBT community. I’ve heard of ranges donating range time to these instructors when they’re giving the free training. I’ve heard rumor of some ammo companies getting in on the mix and donating some ammo to the cause as well.

This is the sort of thing that should happen, and it’s what IS happening. I believe basic human rights, such as the right to free speech, free expression. freedom of religion, and the right to defend ones self apply to ALL people on this earth. Not just those fortunate enough to be born in the US, not just people of one skin color, or one sexual orientation, but everyone, and that’s why I think it’s freaking awesome that things like Project Blazing Sword have taken off showing that the Pro2A, Pro gun, pro freedom culture in the US isn’t a bunch of toothless white rednecks that cling to our guns and religion, but rather a very diverse group of people who don’t care who you sleep with, we’re much more interested in what’s on your nightstand.

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