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Well, it’s been quite the weekend around the Apps household. We’ve decided that replacing my wife’s car is best done before it goes out of warranty due to clutch issues we’ve been having (It’s had the clutch replaced twice in 10,000 miles, and the latest one is only 13 days old, and it’s already far worse than the others), so we spent all day Saturday and most of Sunday car shopping for something reasonable to trade her car in on.

Then I tore my front brakes apart 3 times trying to figure out why I’ve got some pulsing in the brake pedal when braking. I think it’s most likely a rotor with too much runout, so I need to get up with the folks at the parts store about replacing them under warranty since their brand new. Everything (literally everything) else looks great, so that’s my last hope.

On top of all that, our refrigerator decided to give up the ghost today, so we ran out and bought a new one. It won’t arrive until Thursday, so tonight we had a mega-feast and we’ll be working out of a couple coolers for a few days. Not really that big of a deal, but unexpected and unwanted. Thankfully we didn’t go grocery shopping this weekend.

Anyways, all of this to say: It’s 9PM on Sunday night, and I’ve completed exactly zero podcast prep, and I’m too tired to get in front of the microphone and record a quality episode today.

I’m going to try to record tomorrow, but I’ve got a test drive of a car scheduled for early afternoon, so that may or may not happen.

So, if you need your podcast fix, here’s some suggestions:

The episode where Ben and I interviewed Chris Tilley.

The episode of the American Warrior Podcast where Mike Seeklander interviewed Rob Leatham. One my my all time favorite shooting podcast episodes ever.

The episode of the 3-Gun Show with Jerry Miculek.

Wanting something a little different than your normal shooting podcast?

Freakonomics Radio on Deliberate Practice. FANTASTIC episode. Also, find their episode on Grit, it’s good too.

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