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Magpul Breaths Some Life Into USPSA Limited Minor

Magpul just released a 21rd 9mm Glock magazine, and it’s MSRP is something like $19.99. Oh, and it’s 140mm, so it’s good to go for USPSA Limited.

Oh, and it’s a Magpul magazine, so it probably works great too. I’ve been using a handful of the 17rd Magpul magazines for a while now, and I’ve found them to be as reliable as my Glock brand Glock magazines (and they’re cheaper).

Thinking about USPSA Limited Minor, most folks who shoot in that division with a 9mm pistol end up buying a Glock magazine for $25, and then a magazine extension from one of the major players (Dawson, Taran Tactical, etc) for $25 or more, to get one magazine that’ll hold 21 rounds. So that’s $50 (or more if you factor in shipping) for one magazine. This has been the way of things for many years for folks shooting Limited Minor, but now that’s changed.

New Shooters

I think the biggest area where this is helpful is for people looking to get started in competitive shooting, but don’t want to drop a ton of money before getting started. With these 21rd magazines, and the 2 or 3 magazines that their Glock came with, and one or two of these 21rd mags, and they’ll be good to go shooting Limited for a few USPSA matches. I dig it.

Magpul, keep doing what you’re doing.

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  1. But, But it’s limited MINOR…which I think is a great way to learn the game and have fun. Not shooting the oh my goodness major ammo gives me the jerks, and not having to reload every time you move like in production is a good thing for those wanting to get started or just have fun.

  2. Dont forget about ETS. They have clear poly mags that fit under the 140mm rule and are less than $20. Ive been running two in 3 gun for about half a year hard and never had any issues. Plus its clear so you can easily see how many rounds are in there (not really that big a deal but still neat). The other nice thing about the ETS are that they take regular glock basepads. I have a 17 round ETS mag with Taran base pads.

  3. It looks like it has multiple witness holes in the side. That’s a great improvement over the 17 rounders I currently use.

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