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I’ve always really liked Cabela’s as a company, and I’ve noticed more and more lately that I like them even more. Saturday night my wife and I were driving home from somewhere, and we were listening to the big local Top 40 radio station (she had control of the radio, married guys know). They were playing the big syndicated national all-request house party type show that they play every Saturday night. A Cabelas ad came on, advertising some big sale they’re having, the great deal they’re having on .223 and 5.56 ammo, as well as a deal that they were having for free shipping to the nearest Cabelas store when you buy a gun on their website.

Let that sink in for a second. They were advertising .223/5.56 ammo, the most demonized ammo by the media, AND they were advertising online gun purchases (the most demonized type of gun purchase) on the radio. On the Top 40 station. During the Top 40 show on Saturday night, in one of the biggest radio markets in the country. I think that’s awesome. GunCulture 2.0 and all that, ya know?


Sometimes people do things that annoy me, and sometimes I like to talk about it on the podcast. Here’s some of my current gripes:

People who polish their pistol barrels, and then try and sell them as though it’s some sort of upgrade. Seriously, you’ve removed material all around the barrel, it HAS to affect the accuracy to some extent. Right?

People who buy a crappy gun, and then defend it forever. Nobody will think less of you for buying something crappy, realizing it’s crappy, and then moving on. I shot a match with a Hi-Point C9 once, more than half of the bullets went through the targets sideways. It was awful, but fun. I accepted the fact that it wasn’t a fine, precision firearm and moved on.

On the flip side, people that buy a nice gun but can’t shoot it well, and blame the gun because their ego won’t allow them to accept the fact that they need to work on their skills. “Bought a new M&P, it’s consistently hitting low and left!” Sorry bro, that’s on you.

People looking for a gear solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist. I came across a post a while back where someone was looking for some sort of coating to spray on his magazines to make them eject out of the gun faster. I don’t know about you, but unless I royally screw up, I’m not waiting for the magazine to leave the gun, it’s long gone before I get the fresh magazine up to the gun.

The phenomenon of the Dillon Fanboi. Y’all know who you are. Any time there’s a conversation about reloading on a reloading press that isn’t a Dillon anywhere on the Gunternet, a Dillon fanboi will jump in and tell them that the solution to all of their problems is a Dillon 650. Here’s the thing: I’ve got a Dillon press, and it’s fantastic, however, I can accept the fact that it’s not the solution to everyone’s reloading problems. Some folks reload because they have more time than money, and they’re trying to squeeze every last penny out of reloading, with no concern about how much time it takes. I was that guy one, and I think the Lee Turret Press was still a fantastic option for me in the beginning. Yes, I know Dillon has an awesome warranty. Yes, I know they make fantastic products, and yes, I even would love to have one of those Super 1050’s with an autodrive in my garage, but please, accept the fact that it’s not for everyone. Y’all are almost as bad as the Glock and 1911 fanboys.

People who suggest that polishing the feed ramp of a malfunctioning pistol is the solution to every problem. It’s not really a thing that causes problems with modern semi-autos. If by chance you get an auto and rounds are legitimately hanging up on the feed ramp, let the manufacturer deal with it. Don’t you dare attack it with a Dremel.

The News

Only 0.04% of people caught lying on a 4473 form are prosecuted. What in the world. Here I am, as law abiding citizen who’s only ticket ever was a parking ticket at a Michigan State Park who get’s stressed about checking a box incorrectly on a 4473, only to find out that FedGovCo doesn’t even do anything to the people who are legitimately lying on the forms. And they say we need more gun control laws, yet we don’t enforce the ones we have. Sad, sad, sad.

CALM DOWN INTERNET!!!!111eleven!!11

If you’ve been anywhere on the Gunternet over the past few days you’ve inevitably heard people flipping their lids about Team Sig being disbanded.


Of course, what happened is that the internet worked itself into a frenzy before the whole story came out. Here’s what I’ve put together from scouring the internet on the topic:

The team was put together to legitimize the Sig P320 as a competition gun. They did that.

The team will probably live on under the Gray Guns banner (based on some Facebook posts I’ve read, anyways).

So, it doesn’t sound like anyone got screwed over, and it looks like the folks on the team will still have some sponsorship, just with a different logo on their backs.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I’d suggest that — from the start — Team Sig wasn’t about meeting sales goals in competitive shooting. I’d say it was about getting the 320 into the finals of the Army’s Modular Handgun competition (they’re also a finalist in the California Highway Patrol’s competition to replace their aging steel S&W .40 semi-autos).

    I’ve got 30 years in marketing, and if I wanted to demonstrate my new polymer gun was reliable and accurate enough to work in law enforcement or the army, a competitive team might be a good, cost-effective route to take — especially given the size of the contracts in question.

    Just a thought.

  2. polishing a barrel does not take material off. it just smooths. it. It DOES take the coating off, but unless you are using an angle grinder the loss of material is nill…
    And, yes, it is smarter to buy a stainless one if you want a shiny silver one.

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