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Oh boy, there’s been some drama on the world practical shooting stage this past week. The IPSC European Handgun Championship was last week, and at the match, the IPSC council met and passed some resolutions that have USPSA Mike Foley releasing a press release you can find here.

We don’t have anything specifically saying so, but it seems like these new rules are pointed at USPSA, because the organization began sanctioning USPSA matches in the Philippines earlier this year.

The News

I didn’t know about this until just this week, but apparently the state of Florida passed a law allowing people to carry concealed without a permit while part of a mandatory evacuation. Interesting, especially for a state that still bans open carry.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

Before Hurricane Matthew arrived, I bought this portable cell phone charger to make sure we were able to keep in contact with family should we lose power. This sucker should have enough juice to keep both of our phones charged for about a week, so it might be something to consider having around should you live in an area where you lose power for extended periods.



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  1. Hey, just a comment on ipsc vs uspsa. I’m in Canada and in my area we have a recognized USPSA club, maybe 20 members. If the Philippines is anything like here, we have it just so we can shoot a different game. Ipsc is the big game here, but just like IDPA, its nice to mix it up a little. I shot my first USPSA match this year and its definitely different plus its got the classifier system. I don’t think its a matter of anyone wanting to drop IPSC and go USPSA, honestly… most countries wouldn’t allow the targets in mainstream. Where you start with “gun rights” that are being slowly taken away, we start with “gun privileges” and its a win some/lose some battle. IPSC has followed when it has to around the world to keep things more acceptable to the mainstream. That being said, I hope this doesn’t cause too much friction as I hope to get my USPSA member card soon and get in on more of these matches up here, Its all just for fun anyways right?

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