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Shooters Summit

Arik Levy from FirearmsNation has something pretty awesome going on right now. He’s launched the Shooters Summit which is a bunch of online interviews of 20+ heavy hitters in the shooting world. He’s got the big names among competitive shooters, as well as the tactical crowd, which makes an awesome bunch of interviews.

Each interview is about an hour, and you can access all of them FOR FREE from December 12-18th, where a few videos will be released each day, and you’ll have a couple days to watch them.


If you just want access now, you can pay like $20 for the All Access and have access to all the interviews now, forever.

So, as I’m writing this post, I’m listening to the interview with Ben Stoeger, and it’s pretty great. Oh, and the All Access pass gets you .mp3 versions so you can listen to all of them like they were podcast episodes, which is even more awesome.

So yeah, if you’re interested, check it out at the Shooters Summit.


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