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South Carolina: There’s a Snake in Your Grass

I haven’t seen something so stupid in a piece of gun legislation in a very long time. I literally jumped off the couch when I read it.

South Carolina S0088 is a bill filed about a week ago in the SC Senate. It’s generally a good bill, except for section C, which is some of the most bass-ackwards, dangerous, stupid stuff I’ve seen in a piece of legislation in some time.

Here’s the link to the entire bill. The craziest part is quoted below:

“(C) If a vehicle owner is a concealed weapons permit holder, the department shall affix a sticker to the vehicle owner’s license plate identifying the vehicle owner as a concealed weapons permit holder. The department shall establish the specifications for the sticker and the method for obtaining information regarding a vehicle owner’s status as a concealed weapons holder.”

Yes, they want to put a special sticker on your license plate that lets the whole world know that you’ve got a concealed firearm. What’s next, mandatory CCW badges?

This, in a state where open carry is illegal…


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  1. Of course, for safety, women, parents of children under 12, and LGBT persons should also have special identifying stickers on THEIR license plates.

    This way, law enforcement officials could readily identify cars owned by women, so that they might be provided additional protection, as they are a targeted group. Law enforcement officials could readily identify automobiles which should receive additional scrutiny (brake lights work, child seat secured, etc), so that we could ensure the safety of any children on board. Law enforcement officials should be able to readily identify members of a targeted minority, so that they might offer additional services as needed.

  2. Why not just pass a law mandating one of those idiotic “Keep honking, I’m reloading” bumper stickers? 😉


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