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Unsolicited Internet Advice

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned on my journey to become a better shooter, it’s that a bunch of the stuff that’s passed around as fact on the internet, isn’t.

Every couple weeks I see this picture or one like it that seems like it makes a lot of sense on the surface, but in my experience, it’s wrong. I’ve got big paws, I generally wear XL gloves, and sometimes they’re too small for me. As such, I can’t put the middle of the pad of my trigger finger on a lot of triggers and expect to be able to pull the trigger straight to the rear.

On small guns, I’ll put the trigger in the crease of my first knuckle, and on some of the really small guns like an LCP, or RM380 or something like that, I might even be onto the second knuckle of my trigger finger to be able to pull the trigger straight back.

Basically, what I’ve found is this: What’s most comfortable isn’t really what matters. Having the trigger perfectly centered on the first pad of your trigger finger isn’t what matters.

What matters is being able to pull the trigger as perfectly straight back as possible without disturbing the sight picture. In most cases, if you’re pulling left, try a little less finger, and a little more if you’re pulling shots to the right, but it’s not an exact science like the above graphic would have you think.

Some folks with average sized hands can probably get away with using the center of the first pad of their trigger finger on a wider range of guns than other people can. Folks with smaller hands probably have an even tougher time than I do with bigger hands. What it all comes down to is you’ve gotta pull the trigger straight back, and that’s what matters.

Be skeptical when you see these sorts of things on Social Media. Questions things, and put them to the test.

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