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#1 Thing I’d Like to See from SHOT Show 2017

A striker fired 1911.

A new pistol caliber carbine that’s just like the rest of them, only a little different.

There’s one innovation I’d like to see, that I probably won’t ever see: Training magazines for dryfire.

Here’s what I want it to do:

  • Weighted to be about the same weight as a magazine with about 10 rounds in it.
  • Spring loaded so it’ll eject out of the gun like a magazine that still has rounds in it.
  • Exactly the same dimensions as my factory magazines. No different baseplate dimensions, etc.

Basically, what I want is a magazine that works just like a regular magazine full of dummy rounds, but won’t allow the dummy rounds to fly out of the magazine when dropped on a concrete floor. This shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

That’s all I want.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. You and me both. Though I’d shorten the mag above the notch that engages the mag release. That way the slide can reciprocate without jamming the system up. Not much, just enough to allow the slide to move fully.

  2. You’ve mentioned using weighted mags in dry fire before on the podcast but I’m not sure I’ve understood why? Barring an unusual target arrangement that forces it, I almost never perform a reload with more than 2 or 3 rounds left in the magazine. What does the heaver mag do for you in dry fire?

  3. Look up John Arenas on Facebook. He makes a simple device called the Mag Buddy. Its a simple piece of plastic that is installed in the magazine that still allows you to rack the slide without ejecting anything. You can load dummy rounds in the mag, put this device on top and you are good to go.

    • The Rack Buddy? Found his YouTube video, but I’m pretty sure it would fly out just like the top round in the magazine does. I’m not really concerned with being able to rack the slide either.

      I do have an idea that I’m going to try to beta test soon. We’ll see if it works out.

      • Yes. That’s what I was thinking. I haven’t watched the video in awhile but he did have a video of him demonstrating some drills and it didn’t fall out of his STI mags. Well good luck. If you are shooting a Glock you could always use the Next level mags. (SIRT training gun) You can change the weight on them as well. Hope you find something that works.

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