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Diagnosing Your Match Video: Shooting Sooner

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I’ve heard Steve Anderson talk about “shooting sooner” a thousand times, and it really became apparent after looking at my match video from last Saturday. In the video above, I engaged the targets to the left while on the move, then transitioned my sights to the first target on the right, but didn’t start shooting at it until I took like 3 steps.

I could have shaved some time had I started shooting at that wide open target as soon as my sights were on it, while moving closer to it. Had I done it correctly, I would have been able to transition to the next target as soon as I could see it, and so on.

I think especially on this array, where the first target I’d be shooting was wide open without any no-shoots near it, I could have afforded to shoot it on the move. That’s something I’ll be working on.

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