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Match Video Diagnosis: Get Your Butt Moving

It probably goes without saying, but one of the best and easiest ways to shave time on your matches and move yourself up in the rankings is to RUN from one position to another. Action shooting games are about speed and accuracy, both of which are equally important.

If you’ve got a stage where there’s a lot of room to move, and no shooting to do while moving, RUN. I see a lot of folks do a weird little shuffle from one position to another that’s just slightly faster than walking, when really, they should be running. I’ve found that I can generally push as hard as I want on grass/dirt ranges without traction issues. Gravel slows me down a little, both getting started and stopping, and the concrete in the video above really makes me nervous to push real hard because it gets a little film of cardboard dust on it that’s slipperier than snot if you hit it just right.

If you’re worried about traction, get some shoes that help with that. For the past few seasons I’ve been wearing old pair of Nike Landshark cleats when shooting and they’ve served me well, but they’re just about worn out, so for 2017 I’m looking for something with a little softer sole like the Innov8/Solomon shoes that everyone and their brother uses.

Have a look at your match video and see if you should be moving faster.

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