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Match Video Diagnosis: Reloads

Reloads are a place where you can shave some time, and impress your friends if you can really nail them perfectly and quickly. I’m just ending an extended off-season so my reloads are a little shaky, and in the above video you’ll see that.

  • First reload: super slow
  • Second: seated, not super fast, but faster than the first
  • Third: slow, and you can tell I wasn’t ready for it.
  • Fourth: slide lock reload where I borked the slide release too soon, and didn’t pick up a round from the new magazine
  • Fifth: same thing again. Slide lock reloads are definitely something I should work on.
  • Sixth: freestyle to weak hand. I unnecessarily racked the slide here, not sure why.
  • Seventh: on the move. Not bad. Could be faster though.
  • Eighth: A little fumble, but still had it done before getting to positon
  • Ninth: No complaints
  • Tenth: Slow, a little fumble

This was only two matches worth of reloads, but I’ve got a lot of data here showing me that I need to put in some work on my reloads. Have a look at your match video and see what your reloads look like. Are you slower when moving left to right, or right to left? Fumbling while seated? Are you fine without a concealment garment, but then fumble reloads when you put on your IDPA gear? All things that you should look at, and will lead you to the specific things you should practice.

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