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What Should You Practice?

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A common question I get from people who are somewhat new to shooting (or at least new to practice) is asking what they should be practicing. Sometimes folks even buy a book of drills, and don’t really know where they should get started with those drills. I don’t think there’s a “right” answer to this question, but I’m going to tell you what I do:

  • Take some notes right after shooting a match. What felt good? What felt sucky? What did people compliment you on? (the last one is a good ego boost too)
  • Review your match video. You are filming all of your matches, right? If your not, you should be. Your phone probably takes good enough video, so just turn the camera on, and hand it to whoever is standing closest to you. It’s not weird.
    • You don’t have to publish the video anywhere, and you don’t have to let anyone else see it, but you can go through the video and see the things you’re doing well and doing poorly.
    • Here’s a few things you can look at: Match video diagnosis series
  • Look at your Practiscore results. After Saturday’s match, I left thinking that I only had one Mike (miss) for the day. Looking at Practiscore later, I had 6. 6 is not okay, at all. So that’s definitely something I need to work on.

The News

Walther is putting up cold, hard cash for winning major matches with your Walther pistol. THIS IS AWESOME! It gets people talking about their products, and it may get Walther fanboys interested in shooting competition. I love it.

There were a bunch of “mainstream” news articles last week about how the House Republicans had voted to strike down some sort of background check bill, when that wasn’t the case at all. Turns out, they reversed an Obama policy regarding SSI recipients who have their finances managed by social security not being allowed to own guns. It was a BS policy that, in my opinion, was completely unconstitutional… but the media didn’t report that.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck:

I would be willing to bet that 50% of the time I leave the house with this hat, someone comments on it. At the match on Saturday, 3 people commented on it, so I figured maybe I should make it my Gear That Doesn’t Suck for this week. It’s called a Stormy Kromer, and it’s basically a staple item for winters in Northern Michigan. It’s a fantastic hat, highly recommended.

Things That Make You Go “Uhgggghhh” At a Match

Next month I want to do another listener only show. In the past we’ve done “What has competitive shooting done for you?” and “Your 2017 Goals”, and next I want you to tell me what makes you go “Uhhhhhhggghh” at a match. Could be a match administration thing, could be something other shooters do, or it could be something you do yourself. Lets have some fun with it. I’d like to air this episode the first week of March, so hurry up and send in the voicemails!

  • Leave a voicemail from your computer
  • 781-7BULLET  (781-728-5538) to call the Triangle Tactical voicemail line
  • Record it however you want on your phone, and just email the file to [email protected]


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