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Make Hardcover Targets the Easy Way

I wanted some hardcover targets for practice tomorrow, so I went out to the garage to tape and paint some up. Low and behold, I’m fresh out of black paint of any kind.

I considered just using the tape, but decided that wouldn’t be good enough. Then I thought about dying them with coffee, but that seemed like a pain in the butt. Then my eyes found the can of Minwax Dark Walnut wood stain that’s been long forgotten on the shelf.

I cracked it open, dipped in a paper towel and rubbed it onto the targets. It actually worked surprisingly well, didn’t use much stain, no overspray to mess with, and they were dry almost instantly. My only gripe is that the Dark Walnut isn’t quite black, but it’ll certainly do for practice. I’ll be using this from now on, then I might try the Ebony stain to see if it’s much blacker.

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