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Continuing on with my new-shooter kick over the past month or so, this week I’m talking about the most common disqualifications are that I see at matches. 99% of disqualifications are for unsafe gun handling. The most common things I see are as follows:

  • Sweeping the weak hand on the draw. This generally happens when someone is using the holster that shipped with their gun, as in my experience these holsters tend to be on the tight side. The shooter gets the make ready command, tries to pull the gun out of the holster and it doesn’t come right out. They then reach across their body and grab the holster with their weak hand, pull the gun out, and then sweep their hand with the muzzle in the process:

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  • Breaking the 180. I asked on the Triangle Tactical Instagram and Facebook pages about the most common disqualifications at matches, and breaking the 180 was OVERWHELMINGLY the most common thing suggested.
  • Table starts. The biggest thing here is this: Don’t take your gun out of the holster until you’re specifically told to do so by the range officer. There’s something about table starts that makes people think that they can pull out their gun and set it on the table without being told to do so. That’s a DQ, and it sucks. Don’t do that.

Gear That Doesn’t Suck

Listen, you need to have a tourniquet in your range bag, and probably another one in your car, and you need to know how to use it.

I own a SOF-T wide, and a CAT, and I feel most confident that I can work CAT one handed, which is why it’s in my personal range bag.

Here’s the thing though: I don’t feel comfortable pointing you to an Amazon page on where to buy a TQ because there are a lot of counterfeit ones on there and from what I’ve gathered the counterfeit ones are no good for actual use, so I think you should buy directly from the manufacturer.

Tac Med Solutions makes the SOF-T, and you can get it here.

North American Rescue makes the CAT, and you can get it here.

I make nothing on this, but I value you as a listener, so go spend the $30 or whatever, get one, learn to use it.


Austin sends in his first match voicemail, and follows up with a question about what division to shoot his Glock 19 in, in IDPA and USPSA.

  • In IDPA, he’ll be fine with SSP or CCP division, generally I shoot SSP with my Glock 19 just so I can load my magazines to 10 rounds.
  • In USPSA I think he should get started in Limited division, shooting Minor power factor 9mm. This way he can load his mags up full, and not worry about buying a ton of gear to get started. If he decides he likes USPSA, he can buy all the mag pouches and stuff required to shoot Production division, which is where the Glock 19 woul fit best.

Plug of the Week:

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I need your voicemails for this! Send them in here.

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  1. My first DQ was finger on the trigger while moving (starting to run while not acquiring target). Didn’t have a table start in that match but the 180 trap ( a “N” shaped lane of use) was an easy pass though a couple other first timers did DQ on it and one of them watched the other do it. I used my carry rig since the matches are my stressed situational training and had no problems on the draw with my SERPA holster.

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