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Sig P320x5 is USPSA Production Legal Now

There’s been a bunch of consternation in the USPSA community over the past year or so about whether or not the Sig Sauer P320x5 would be made legal for Production division in USPSA.

Snapshot from the USPSA Facebook Page on 5/5/2017

Personally, given that people like Bruce Gray, and Phil Strader were working on the project, and the late Team Sig were basically all shooting the P320 in Production, I didn’t think Sig would make a gun that wouldn’t be production legal.

Doing that would be ludicrous, given the marketing that they’ve put into the pistol with USPSA shooters.

Some folks have asked “What about the magwell? Magwells aren’t legal in Production!”

I think Appendix D4 21.6 covers this in the USPSA Rulebook:

“Any other components which are externally visible may ONLY be replaced with OFM parts which are offered on the specific model of gun or another approved gun from the same manufacturer except as specifically clarified below.”

So, external parts of the gun, which are OFM (like the magwell that come from Sig, on this model of gun, is perfectly legal, as long as it fits in the box.

Edit: The current Production list specifies that the gun is legal without the magwell. I was incorrect above. Here’s the list: https://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-NROI-production-gunlist.php. I had assumed, since the rulebook only calls out non OFM exterior mods that the magwell would be legal as long as it fit in the box. I stand corrected.

“But it’s got a lightened slide?! Lightened slides aren’t legal in Production?!!eleven!!!!”

Uhhh… You mean like the Glock 34? One of the most popular Production guns out there?

Yeah, it’s legal and specifically mentioned in Appendix D4 17 “Slide ports Permitted? Yes, On Factory Original Approved Models”

Basically, Sig did to the Production rules what all of us gamers try to do to the written stage briefing when we’re breaking down a stage. They took what was written, and did basically everything they could do within the confines of those rules to make a competition gun that would be the most gamer friendly from the factory of anything else out there, and if that’s not in the spirit of the game, I don’t know what is.

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  1. Sean D Sorrentino

    Yep, drop the magwell, replace the 140mm mags with 17 round mags and you’re set. If you want the sweetest trigger imaginable, send it off to Grayguns for a short visit and he’ll send it back to you with an amazing trigger. Still Production legal.

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