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Unsolicited Advice

Have you ever been given unsolicited advice at the range?

Or, have you ever given it?

Podcast listener Michael sent me a message on Facebook with the following message:

Hey Lucas, I’ve got an idea for a topic on the podcast that I would like to hear your take on. The topic is unsolicited advice at matches. . For instance the guy that tries to pick apart random shooters match performance and tell them what they screwed up on and what they need to do or BUY to improve their performance. It seems like it’s usually the crappy shooters or old guys doing it to so it’s usually not even good advice. It is my personal opinion that unless someone asks you for advice at a match you don’t give them any. What are your thoughts, see any of this at matches you go to?

I do think that most people who give out advice at matches have good intentions, but, I don’t think that most people should probably be giving others advice, especially when it’s about actual shooting, and not just things like “don’t handle your blaster outside the safe area, etc.”


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The News

The Sig P320x5 is USPSA Production legal. This is blowing peoples minds, and actually making some folks angry, which is dumb. It’s awesome, and even if you’re probably not going to buy one (like me) you should at least appreciate that manufacturers are seeing a market share among competition guns.


About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. I disagree on the 180 thing. I would say the vast majority of people DON’T realize when they got that close to the 180. People that are moving and shooting and stuff often don’t see what’s going on around them. I consider that a safety warning, not advice.

    • I guess I was thinking of it in the context of someone shooting a target from a position that was close to the 180 and not the reload thing. I think you’ve got a point there.

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