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CZ Shadow 2 is now USPSA Production Legal

Yeah, you’re exactly right when you read the title of this post and said to yourself “Wasn’t it already legal?”

No, it wasn’t, but it seems like everyone and their brother has been shooting them in Production division for a while anyways.

As of the time of this article being written, the CZ Shadow 2 is officially on the USPSA Production list. There was a bunch of consternation earlier today from folks thinking that CZ jumped the gun on their announcement, but if you look at the above screen grab from the USPSA Facebook Page, DNROI Troy McManus announced that it was effective immediately, and that the list would be updated today (which it has been).

Good stuff. The Shadow 2 is kind of along the same lines as the Sig P320x5, being a pistol that’s basically tailor made for Production division. This is good for the sport, I can’t wait to see more companies start making guns for competition that are actually made to fit within the rules of a division that isn’t Open.

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