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Q&A: IDPA PCC rules and What Would You Like to See More of?

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Here’s this weeks questions:

Brant asks:

Good morning, Lucas,

I have a potential question for the Podcast/Q&A show.  I say potential because I know you’ve answered this question in different ways in the past, but this one may be different enough to work.

What are the top 3 things you’d like to see more of in the shooting sports?

I’m leaving the question vague on purpose, but I have a few stipulations:  I’m not looking for things you’d change completely or things you’d change if you were in charge (like the king of the shooting sports show).  I want to hear about things that you currently see, and would like to see more often.  This could be peoples’ attitudes, the way matches are run, targets or props you want to see more often, specifics about range facilities, etc., or you can go in a completely different direction.  

As someone who is starting to help out a little on the administrative side of matches, I’m really interested to hear about positive things that you wish would become more prevalent.  

Thanks for all you do!

Brian asks:

Hey Luke! I’m really excited about all of the new stuff you have going on. I listen to podcasts pretty much all day at work, and I always look forward to triangle tactical coming out. I had noticed the lack of news in the main cast, and definitely missed it.  I was happy to hear you were creating a news show and subscribed to your patreon to access it. The first episode was really good, and I look forward to hearing more.

I also completed your survey last week, but I realized I forgot to include my favorite episode. As a newly minted IDPA SO I really like hearing your RO stories and tips. I shoot IDPA mainly for fun and when they needed volunteers to get certified as SOs I signed up even though I’m still fairly new, which brings me to a question for you. I have noticed when I’m SOing in IDPA my performance seems to slump. I have trouble taking the necessary time to do a good walk through and really visualize the stage plans. And when I’m done shooting I feel rushed to get back to being the SO and often times don’t load mags until getting to the next stage which then cuts into my walk through time there. It’s a cycle. So I’m really looking for time management tips for acting as an SO for my squad while also shooting the match? Thanks!

Robert asks:

Two IDPA related questions for your tonight’s show… The new provisional rulebook for PCC. And, the match DQ issue. What are your thought?

I know i’m going to be talking about these on the Paracast this week but really curious how you look at them. The PCC thing to me is really exciting news.

Wayne asks:

Hi Luke I would like to hear your answer on the podcast Q&A.  What do you think of the 9mm Blue Bullets being sized to .355?  I’ve always been told that polymer coated bullets should be sized to .356 compared to copper plated bullets which is at .355.  Some shooters even use .357 coated bullets.  Have you tried the other sizes to compare the difference?  Love your podcast by the way.

Austin asks:

Hey Luke, Austin from Raleigh, loving all the new changes to the show so far. A couple of questions for you.

1) Could you talk about your g34, what you have you done to it and why?

2) Since you shoot a glock do you recommend only buying factory mags, or would you see any problems with using PMAG’s.

3) Could you recommend what to work on  if I could only get to a square range to shoot.

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