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Q&A: Match Video Diagnosis, and Should I Record Myself?

This was a LOT of fun. One of the more common questions that I get from folks is “What should I look for in my match video?”

Well, I figured out the technology needed to do it, and for the first half of this weeks Q&A show, I went through my video from last weekends match, and picked it apart for you. It’s entertaining because… I didn’t shoot very well.

So, my poor performance, is your learning experience! Check out the video above, it’ll probably be a little easier to understand than the audio version.

Anyways, all of the questions that I had prepared for this weeks show were from the Patrons of Triangle Tactical. Since they’re supporting the show, I bumped their questions up to the head of the line. You should check out the perks of being a patron over on the Triangle Tactical Patreon page.


Hey Luke, thanks for the message!

I’ve been thinking of questions for the Q&A show and have a few.  

If you were given an unlimited shooting budget and as much time off of work as you wanted, what would you do differently? Would you still shoot production, or would you shoot limited or open? More major matches? Would you change out any gear for something more expensive?

Also, what if you couldn’t shoot uspsa or idpa? What other shooting disciplines interest you but you’ve been so focused on uspsa you haven’t had a chance to try out?  

I mentioned in a previous email that I listen to podcasts all day at work. I’ve burned through all of your podcast episodes available on iTunes, as well as the practical pistol show and a few others. What podcasts do you listen to regularly? I’m running out of listening material!

Thanks for creating so many quality podcasts, and keep up the good work!



Has devoting so much time to podcasting negatively affected your competitive shooting?



Planning on going to an outdoor match this weekend, and the forecast is calling for highs in the 90s. It was so hot last year, the match director designed all stages to be ‘concealment not required’ which gladly made the match more enjoyable.  Any new tips or gear you recommend for shooting in hot weather?


As a relatively new shooter, is there a specific order to obtain new gear / equipment etc?  For example, once I know that I want to continue with shooting, there are a lot of things to consider. Potentially reloading, purchasing a competitive gun, belts, a GoPro like Jeff mentions above, and on and on it goes.

The reason I’m asking this is that a good friend of mine recently purchased a Tanfo and had experienced some issues with a particular brand of ammo. Which made me wonder if you were reloading before you purchased a new race gun, that might make more sense to figure out reloading before getting into a high-performance gun with premium “fuel” requirements.  

So if there is an order that makes the most sense on when and what to purchase that might be very helpful to newbies… That being said I realize making generalizations always results in exceptions but I would think there is some order that would make sense.

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