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Gun Makers, Are We Really Doing This?

News broke yesterday that Rock Island Armory was coming out with a polymer 9mm double stack pistol, the SF9.

Yes, the SF9.

No, not the SR9 or PF9 or RP9 or the TP9, or even the CM9, PM9, or CW9.

Not even the SD9 or AR9, VP9 or BP9.

But the SF9.

I have to say, I miss the days when guns had cool names like “Cougar” and “Witness” and not just random, meanless alpha numeric names that are easily confused with a different gun made by a different manufacturer.

Sidenote: Doesn’t the SF9 have a striking resemblance to a Timberwolf Glock frame?

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  1. The first thing I thought was, that’s a Timberwolf frame. That’s gonna be a lawsuit.

  2. That is what I would call a Flock ” Filipino Glock “

  3. Don’t worry, it looks like Glock will sue them faster than they sued S&W for the Sigma.

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