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Shoot Everything

If you’re new to the shooting sports, don’t settle on whatever shooting sport you decide to shoot first is. Go shoot a bunch of different disciplines.

The shooting sports are like high school cliques. If you go to IDPA, you’ll hear people talk junk about those USPSA gamers. If you shoot USPSA, someone will talk junk about the tacti-fools at IDPA. If you shoot 3-gun, you’ll hear someone talk junk about the guys that only shoot one match.

Here’s the thing though, and I mean this:

Each game has it’s own merits. In IDPA, I like that I can be competitive with my concealed carry gun should I decide to shoot it. It’s also got smaller gear requirements, shorter stages generally, and the rules allow for some interesting things that you can’t really do in USPSA.

In USPSA, I like that it doesn’t pretend to be anything but shooting fast and accurate. I’m really motivated by the classification system where after each match, I can see how it’s impacted my overall classification score etc. At least in my part of the world, the talent pool tends to be a bit deeper at the USPSA matches too.

So, go dip your toes into a bunch of different types of matches, and draw your own conclusion. Know how guys who shoot Glocks tell you to shoot a Glock, and guys who shoot 1911’s tell you to buy a 1911? It’s exactly the same with the different matches out there too.

Call in Show:

For a little while now I’ve been doing the occasional call-in show where I get your voicemails answering one question and make that into an episode. Well, I want to do another one:

“What’s the one piece of advice you wish you had been given before you shot your first match?”

So, here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your phone and find the voice recorder app (You might have to download one)
  2. Answer my question.
  3. Email the file to [email protected]
  4. Put the word “advice” in the subject line, so I can organize all of the emails better in my inbox.

That’s it. I’ll play them all in a future episode, and I’m quite excited to see what y’all have to say.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck

I’ve always talked on the podcast and the blog about how I’m totally okay with cheap safety glasses for the range. However, for almost as long as I’ve been talking about that, I’ve also been finding myself on the range wearing just regular sunglasses that don’t have any sort of impact rating at all, and that’s no bueno.

It would happen for several reasons: I wouldn’t case up the cheap glasses because they only cost me like $3, but then after a month of kicking around in my range bag, they’d be all scratched up and whatnot, and then I’d just opt to wear my sunglasses, and that’s a stupid decision.

So, after consulting my wife a few weeks ago, I ran down to Cabelas and picked up a pair of Wiley-X Saber glasses. 3 colors of lenses, one big lens that fits close to my face all the way around, hardly anything obstructing my vision, etc. They were like $69 or something, and while I thought that seemed expensive, I bought them anyways because I’m afraid of losing my vision.

I like them, a lot.

However, Amazon has them with just the smoke lens (at the time of this episode being published) for $23.

No, that’s not a typo: $23. Go get some if if you’ve ever found yourself on the range with regular sunglasses on. Don’t lose your vision.


The Q&A question this week is about where your support hand index finger lands on the trigger guard when you’re shooting. If you check out the picture above this post (which was taken by Bradley @Trigger_Pull on Instagram, go follow him) my index finger lands a bit further forward on the trigger guard.

However, I don’t think it really matters. So much of the minutia of grip has to do with the size of the gun, the size of your hands, etc, I don’t think you should look at the very exact finger placement of someone else and try to duplicate it. I’m no super ninja shooter, but I think the important things are getting your hands high on the gun, and gripping it as hard as you can without disturbing the sight picture. That’s my $0.02.

About Lucas

Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. Hi Lucas, I was just listening to this episode. I have had my Wiley Xs for a while now and love mine too. I have the same ones you do with the 3 lens. I agree. They are comfortable and protect well. Glad you talked about them for your Gear That Doesn’t Suck!

  2. HaHaHa…Lucas, after your experience of landing a spent casing on you slide, I see in the pic about that now you are finding new places to store spent shell casings. 🙂

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