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Q&A: Production Major, When To Give up on Steel, and IDPA rules?

This episode of the Q&A show had a lot of great questions, however, I’m basically out of questions for next weeks show, so if you’ve got a question, shoot an email to [email protected] and I’ll get it queued up for a future episode!

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Why can’t we have Production Major? Still ten rounds and all the production rules… just major power factor


Hey Luke,

I have a question for the Q&A show. In a match, when you are shooting steel, when it the “right” time to take a mike on steel and just move on? I remember one match that I went through every magazine on my belt trying to hit some 8″ plates at 30 yards. After I was out of ammo one of the other shooters came up to me and said I should have just left them and moved on. It’s important to note that I had already engaged all other targets on the stage and it was just the plate rack that I had left.


Marty in MA



Got a couple of questions for the q&a. I got back into shooting IDPA last year, but I’m looking to start USPSA after the family vacation this summer. Is an offset hanger for your holster a worthwhile investment, and do shoes make that big of a difference. I heard the guys on the paracast talking about shoes, and just curious about your opinion?

Thanks for all your help,


Jason, again

Hey Luke, got a couple of questions for you. Do you have “go to” drills you use in practice to track your progress,

or do you rely on classifiers for this. Also, do you go to the range with a concrete idea of what drills you are going to run, or roll with how things are going. Lastly, is there a big difference between the cheaper injection molded holsters, and the more expensive formed kydex holsters. I’ve had good luck so far out of my cheap blade-tech, but I’m just curious about the difference.

Thanks a ton for all the help, both with the podcast and answering all of my dumb questions.



How about a run down of the rules you need to know before shooting your first IDPA match? Just what you have to know to shoot without picking up stupid penalties.



I have another question for the recently revived Q&A show (which I am really happy about by the way!)

My question is about sights for competition. I am looking at buying some fiber optic sights to replace burned out Trijicon night sites and I would like them to be as durable as sites intended for duty or carry.  I also don’t want to give up the ability to do one hand reloads. I don’t have a dedicated competition gun (as least not yet.) All the fiber optic sights I have seen look pretty fragile, but I don’t have any experience with them.

What are the higher quality brands in fiber optic sights?

What do you like and why?

I am looking specifically at sights for the G19 at this time.  I also feel like a different colored front sight would improve the ability to quickly find the front sight, but I hear people disagree.

Thanks. Love the show and blog.


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