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5 Things That Will $%&@ Up Your Next Match

Tip of the Week:

Even if you’re wearing a giant, ugly, dork hat like me on a hot sunny day on the range, you should still put some sunblock on your face. Apparently the UV rays can reflect off the ground and burn your face anyways… ask me how I know…

I left Sunday’s match with a sunburned face, even after wearing my ugly dork hat. Yeesh.

Plug of the Week:

I was on the Firearms Nation Podcast this week, and it was a lot of fun. Check it out. 

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.


  1. On the subject of match cancellations…

    Those were a personal peeve from my time in Texas. So I am glad that unannounced cancelations seem to be less of an issue here in central NC, than it was with my “home club” and some of the smaller clubs in the same section.
    of course at that time most of the MDs in the section were pretty much computer-illiterate (our club’s wasn’t, and was in fact an IT guy in daily life, but he had other issues RE: this subject that I’ll skip for brevity). so it was very rare for there to be a public announcement of cancellation of any local match. hell after the Section Coordinator got canned (for not following USPSA procedure in bringing in new clubs to the section) I don’t think there was an update to the Section website for close to two years.
    This of course made it hard for anyone to tell if a local match was going to be held or not. and in an area that is as spread out as “Greater Houston”, this could be very detrimental to bringing in new shooters. because think about if you have to get up before the @#$ crack of dawn, pack what you THINK you need for that first match, drive as much as 90mins-2hrs to get to the range/match that is being held when you can get off, only to find that it’s been canceled because of something you as a newbie had no idea about, or worse come to a locked gate In the middle of “No-Bleeping-where” and no-one shows up by start time. leaving you to make that pissed off trudge home. you’re not likely to keep a continuing interest I the sport.

    anyway yeah, especially in our current age of readily accessible social media, there needs to be better communication between those running matches and the shooters, and potential new shooters. I think there are too many match directors still that are still kind of stuck in a pre-internet world (local club only switched to electronic Vs paper scoring in maybe early 2014? was only a few “matches actually held” before I left to come back to NC)

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