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On-Ramp to the Shooting Sports: Daisy National BB Gun Championship

I mentioned this on last weeks episode of the Patreon News Blast podcast, and I wanted to address it to the rest of the audience that isn’t on Patreon.

There’s been a ton of talk recently about on-ramps to the shooting sports, and how they are few and far between, ineffective, etc.

Personally, I think a lot of what we’re dealing with isn’t that there aren’t on-ramps to the shooting sports, it’s just that the shooting sports are so fractured that they’re hard find out about if you’re not intimately familiar with that specific discipline.

Last weekend, the 4H National shooting sport championships took place in Nebraska, and the event was as big as USPSA Iron Sight Nationals (Both having ~720 shooters, which, in my world, is a pretty big deal), and I hadn’t heard about it until I started doing research for last weeks Patreon podcast.

At the same time, the Daisy BB gun national championship was taking place in Arkansas with 500 shooters.

Watch the video at the top of this post, and tell me: does this look like a decent on-ramp that would get kids excited about taking their competitive shooting further?

I think so. Indoors, air conditioned, low gear requirements, and I imagine stiff competition. I can totally see a kid shooting this sort of match, learning to appreciate marksmanship, and then wanting to move into Small Bore, or another accuracy based game, or even wanting to see what handgun competitions are like.

I learned marksmanship in a situation that wasn’t dis-similar to this, shooting my BB gun across the basement at my parents house.


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