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Q&A: “Six”, Live Fire Practice, and First Person Video

Clay in California

Clay sends in a voicemail asking about the USPSA Classifier “Six”, asking about the best way to shoot it.

Scott in Colorado

I have a few questions about live fire practice. I want to practice match like scenarios like shooting/reloading on the move and things you simply can’t do at your typical indoor range. What do you recommend and do?

Are most folks members at the host gun clubs and practice there?

Do you bring your own targets, stands, and poppers? Do some clubs allow you to borrow the equipment that is used during the local matches?

I understand each gun club is different and I will start asking around my local clubs what I can do. I’m just trying to get a general consensus of what guys are doing to get the best live fire practice and before I decide to drop the money to become a member. Also, I don’t really have access to private land to set up a berm and targets.

Russ in Pensacola:


You talk a lot about getting match video for all your matches.  What is more helpful GoPro POV type video or 2nd person video like someone shooting with your cell phone?  Is there different value in each?

Thanks for all the work on the show.

Russ in Pensacola

Amy in Indiana:

I’ve started seeing a pattern where my first stage really sucks (zeros for the last two matches), and then my scores slowly climb from one stage to the next. Ideas on how to get that momentum going from the start?

My dryfire work is not showing up for matches. Thoughts? I am literally dryfiring daily, using some of Ben Stoeger’s drills. It’s like I do 20 perfect reloads at home, then I get to the match and might as well as just left the pMags in my range bag instead of swapping out my gear. What is happening? I look like a moron out there.

Thanks for all of your help, Luke.


Major in Raleigh:

Hi Luke,

I broke a fire pin yesterday dryfiring. I’m thinking about adding snapcaps and dedicating a couple of mags for dry fire only but wanted your thoughts. I’ve listed your advice on inserting a piece of cardboard/match stick on top of the barrel in the breach to take out of battery. What snap caps do you like? I’ve noticed if I do a partial slide rack i can avoid kicking out the snap cap. Your thoughts on the entire process would be appreciated. This was an expensive lesson for me!

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