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The “Peacock” Target Array is Stupid.

This picture took the Gunternet by storm last week, and tons and tons of people have been asking questions about it, praising it, or, like me, think it’s stupid.

In the picture above, the targets appear to be USPSA targets, so let’s assume that this array was used at a USPSA match. In order for it to be legal, it would have to be a speed shoot, with a mandatory reload per rule in the USPSA Rulebook (PDF).

That’s not the issue for me though. I like speed shoots, and I wish more matches would use them. There is a LOT less margin for error in a speed shoot than a 32 round field course, but that’s a whole other blog post.

My issue is mostly from a match administration aspect:

  1. Head boxes get shot up pretty quickly, because they’re small, and after a couple squads shoot a stage with head shot only targets, the targets really need to be changed in order to score them accurately. Pasters cover up the scoring lines to the point that targets can’t be scored accurately. On an array like this, how does someone pull a target when there’s a question about scoring. Would you have to hold up the entire squad waiting for the range master because you can’t pull a target from the middle and replace it with another easily?
  2. I’ve heard it suggested that match directors should have multiple arrays built ahead of the match so that they can just replace the whole thing, but that doesn’t really seem plausible either.

The other issue I’ve got with it is this: Is it really that much more of a shooting challenge than just a couple other headshots near no-shoots?

I dunno, I think it’s a novelty thing that was a silly thing to do at one match somewhere, and since then it’s went viral, and seems to be popping up at club matches all over the place. I’ve got a feeling that in a month we’ll never see it again though, because it’s silly.


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  1. I was at this match, the target was shot with a rifle at approx. 30 yards, requiring only 1 hit per target from an improvised position. Non standard USPSA rules, it was pretty fun. This was at the end of 10-12 other targets so it really slowed you down.

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