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[AUDIO] What’s a Good Budget Belt Rig for a New Competitive Shooter?

Last night in the Facebook Live Q&A Show, Gabe asked a question that I didn’t have time to answer then, so I’m answering it now:

Gabe asked: “What budget friendly rigs do you suggest for a person new to the sport? Because I’ve been looking around and all I’ve seen are $250-$300 for the complete rig.”

So, if you’re looking to shoot in Production division in USPSA (which is what I shoot) having a decent belt rig is beneficial.

The products below are specific recommendations for USPSA Production division. If you’re looking to shoot something else, hit me up and I’ll recommend some stuff.

My personal belt is a CR Speed brand belt, with 5 Ghost 360 magazine pouches, and a Bladetech holster on a BOSS hanger. It’s not a super expensive rig, but it’s not really a super budget friendly option either.

So, I’ve not used all this stuff, but here’s what I’d recommend for a rig that’ll get you started, and keep you going for a while:

(All of these Amazon links are affiliate links, so if you click them and buy something, I get a commission from Amazon for referring you.)

  • Black Scorpion Gear Double Belt. I’ve heard good things about these, but I’ve also not used one. In the live chat for this broadcast Kevin also mentioned these Shooters Connection house brand belts, and said they’re pretty good too.
  • Ghost 360 Universal Magazine pouches. I like these, and I’ve been using them for over two years. They give you a lot of options in what gun you decide to shoot, as well as whether you want the magazines oriented bullets forward or bullets out on your belt. I run 5 of them on my belt.
  • The standard Bladetech OWB holster is a staple in competitive shooting. I’ve been running one of these for I think over 3 years now, and it’s really nice. It’ll still work great if you decide to upgrade to a BOSS hanger at a later time, which is nice.
  • For a little more budget friendly option, Blackhawk actually makes a holster called the Sportster Standard that’s pretty good to go as well. I’m not totally sure if it’ll fit on a BOSS hanger or not if you decide to upgrade later on, but at around $20 for the holster, it’s not a huge loss if you have to buy a whole new holster at a later date.

So, if you went with all the cheapest options I listed above, at the time if this article being published, you’d spend about $195. It sounds expensive, and it’s painful to drop $200 on a belt rig that you’ll only wear a couple times a week, however, I’ll tell you that it’s worth it to have a dedicated belt rig for competition.

Having 5 mag pouches that aren’t janky pouches you made in the garage, each with a little different retention is a big deal… I tried for a long time to make my own pouches that did’t suck, but I could never get them to be super consistent. It was hard spending $130 on pouches alone, but once I got them set up, I haven’t regretted it once.

I honestly believe the most important thing isn’t what holster you have, or what mag pouches, or even what belt you buy, but rather just having a dedicated belt rig for USPSA. Having your holster and mag pouches always be in the same place, no matter which pants you’re wearing, or whatever is HUGE! It’ll make it easier to practice because you won’t need to thread all those magazine pouches onto your belt, and it’ll make you better because everything will be super consistent.

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