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What Do You Do When a Range Officer Doesn’t Do His Job?

During the live chat for last week’s Triangle Tactical Q&A Live show Austin asked a question about what to do when a Range Officer isn’t doing his job?

He asked (I’m paraphrasing here) but basically, what do you do when the RO on your squad lets a shooter slide for breaking the 180?

In the scenario presented, a shooter drew before turning on a turn-and-draw, and the shooters on the squad were jumping out of the way when he did it.

In this instance (the way I understand it from a couple sentences in a live chat), the Range Officer didn’t stop or disqualify the shooter, but instead let the shooter keep shooting, and had a talk with the shooter after the fact.

This is a HUGE problem. 

Listen, if you’re a Range Officer, and you can’t hand down a DQ for a blatant safety violation, you shouldn’t be running the timer.

There are several reasons why, but here’s a few of them:

  • What happens when the shooter does the same thing on another stage, and shoots someone? You’re going to have a bad time when it comes out that the shooter did the same thing earlier in the day, and you didn’t stop it.
  • What happens when that shooter gets used to being allowed a little wiggle room on the safety rules, and then he goes to shoot at another club, or at a State Championship, or even an Area match or Nationals, and gets disqualified. You’re not doing him any favors.
  • Think about the perspective of all of the other shooters on the squad, who were jumping out of the way when this guy broke the 180. Want to lose all of their respect?

Listen, DQing shooters sucks. It sucks even more when they’re your friends, and exponentially more when they’re brand new. However, the shooting sports are EXTREMELY safe, because we have these safety rules.

If you can’t do it, don’t pick up the timer.


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