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Balancing Matches and Practice

What’s the right balance between practice and matches? I’m not exactly sure what the right balance is, but in an ideal world, I think my practice schedule would look like this:

  • Dryfire every day
  • Livefire weekly
  • 2 Matches a month

I like this for two reasons:

  • It’s fairly realistic with a little planning and dedication.
  • It’s enough practice to really see decent improvement if you’re actually doing it.

Gear that Doesn’t Suck:

If you’re reloading your own ammo, and you’re shooting matches that are above the level of a club match, you should really have a chronograph so you KNOW how fast your bullets are going, and what your power-factor is.

I’ve got one of these Caldwell Precision Chronographs, and I love it. It’s inexpensive, and works great.


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  1. I try to dry fire 5 days a week, livefire two times a week and participate in one match a month.

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