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Q&A: Goals, Coming Back from a Screw-Up, and USPSA Multigun

I’m doing a Major Match Prep VLOG over on Patreon. There’s two vlogs up over there already, and my goal is to get something new up every day that I’m not doing a podcast between now and the NC USPSA Sectional.


What were your goals for 2017 and how are you progressing through those goals?


Hey Luke!

I just finished listening to your latest show, congrats on 1,000,000!  In this show you talked about shooting a match and having a lot of mental mistakes.  I have definitely been there before, and was hoping you’d have a few tips for how to get your head back in the game after a few mistakes.  I shot an IDPA match recently and felt groggy for the first few stages and made several mental mistakes.  I finished the last three stages ok, but by then I was in such a deep hole there really wasn’t any way out.  Any advise you’ve got would be appreciated!


I moved into my newly built house last month and while I have a great basement to dryfire in I don’t have internet yet to stream the live show so here are some questions to catch on the podcast.

Will you ever make triangle tactical match jerseys for sale?

What is a uspsa multi gun match format. My local club has one next month. It is just like a 3 gun match or does uspsa multi gun have any major differences.

My first classifier was solid c class. Is this a good start for a semi experienced shooter or am I below where I should be.

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