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Experienced Shooters Have a Duty to Help New Shooters

I definitely think that experienced shooters have a duty to help new shooters at their first match. 

  1. Before the stage brief is read on your first stage, ask if there are any new shooters on your squad. Once everyone knows who the brand new shooters are, and eliminates the concern about giving advice to someone who’s been shooting for 10 years, and just hasn’t really made any progress.
  2. Match Directors could start a sort of “ambassador” program, where shooters volunteer right in Practiscore to be an ambassador for new shooters, and then maybe they get $5 off their match fee for taking a new shooter under their wing for the day.
  3. It’s important to “coach” new shooters before their run on the stage about any 180 traps, some pointers about how to move through certain areas, minding their muzzle on reloads when moving right to left, because DQing new shooters sucks. 
  4. I don’t think this needs to, or even should rest solely on the RO. The RO has a lot more going on trying to run shooters, score targets, etc, and I think there’s a lot of time on a stage for a more experienced shooter to help out while the RO is doing his thing without distraction.

IPSC World Shoot:

So the IPSC World Shoot starts on Sunday in France. There are about 5ish people that I know of who are regular podcast listeners who are competing in the World Shoot, and I wanted to wish all of you the best of luck, and those of you on Team USA just a little more luck than the rest…

Make us proud!


I’ve had a few listeners express concern about Patreon, and how there have been headlines recently about how they’re “banning conservatives”, etc.

I like to do my due diligence on things, so I’ve read a bunch on what happened with the people they have banned, and the thing that really made me feel most comfortable about keeping Patreon as a support model for the show was this episode of the Reuben Report, where he interviews the CEO of Patreon, and actually asks the hard questions. I was satisfied with the answers he received, and it’s what really swayed me about keeping the Patreon page active.

If you haven’t checked out the Triangle Tactical Patreon, I’ve been doing a VLOG over there about everything I’m doing to get ready for the NC State Championship in a couple weeks, in addition to the NewsBlast Podcast check them out on Patreon.


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  1. R.O. should never stop or talk to a shooter unless for safety reasons during a stage after the shooter has started. I’ve seen and leaned the hard way bad things can happen.

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