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Major Match Prep VLOG #2 – BOSS Modification

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The Issue:

I’ve mentioned here on the blog and on various podcast episodes over the years that I’ve got long arms and legs, and a normal/short-ish torso, so when I don’t have a dropped/offset holster I wind up having to angle my shoulders and bend sideways to draw the pistol well. It’s especially pronounced with my 5″ competition gun.

So, to combat this issue, I moved to a dropped/offset holster mount, specifically the Ben Stoeger Pro Shop BOSS mount. It’s everything I wanted from a DOH mount, spaces the gun right where it should be, and it’s super stiff, so I don’t get any of that weird holster wobble that you see folks have when they run the plastic or kydex dropped/offset holster hangers.

The Resolution:

However, I’ve had one recurring issue with the BOSS mount: The bottom screw that goes through the slots continually comes loose. I tend to man-handle the gun a bit when I’m getting my grip, so that probably contributes to this, but still, it’s an issue that’s been plaguing me for a couple years, and always at the worst possible time (During a class with Ben Stoeger, in the middle of a practice session 40mins from the house and I can find a screwdriver, etc).

What I’ve noticed is that the bottom screw is always the one that comes loose, never the top one. I figured that the slots are probably contributing to the problem, so I decided to try a fix.

  • I drilled a new hole through the hanger below the slots that lines up with an already existing threaded hole in the other piece.

  • Replaced the spacers and screws, put a goober of red loctite on all of the fasteners, and cranked them all down with a screwdriver… and a couple ugga-duggas from my impact driver…

Time will tell if this solves the problem, and but I suspect it will. If not, I’ll probably add a longer screw so it will stick out through the back piece, and then thread a nylock nut on it for added security. I doubt it’ll come to that though.

I do also want to point out that I’m the only person that I’ve heard from that’s had this issue, so I don’t think it’s a systemic issue with the BOSS mount, I think it’s the way I man-handle the gun on the draw stroke, but I can’t seem to remove that from my draw without slowing it way down.

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