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What’s in your Range Bag, Lucas?

I have 2 range bags. One that I call my practice bag, and another that I call my match bag, although they both go with me to both.

Match Bag

This is an old backpack, actually the bag that I took to college with me… 14 years ago. Gun rug fits well in the laptop sleeve, easy to carry between stages, etc.

Gun, mags, outer belt, inner belt, ammo, etc.

Also keep my eyes/ears/extra eyes/squib stick and gun parts box in this bag. I try to keep it fairly lightweight so I’m not trying to drag a huge bag from bay to bay at a match. It’s rare that I need more than the above stuff at a match, so I leave everything else in my practice bag in my trunk. If I have something more catastrophic happen, I can always walk to my car and get what I need from the practice bag.

Gun parts:

  • All springs
  • Extra striker assembly, not because I think I’ll need it, but because for some reason I have one.
  • Extra fiber-optic for my front sight. Don’t buy this stuff from a gun store, or any gun type place online. Measure the diameter of the F/O rod that your front sight takes with a pair of calipers, and then order like 5’ of it from fiberopticproducts.com for like a ridiculously cheap amount of money.
  • I think I’ve got a front sight tool, and a spare front sight. Again, not something I’d necessarily go out and buy, but it takes up no space, I’ve got it, so why not?

Practice bag

This is a big, almost too big, MidwayUSA range bag. This bag has a lot of RO type stuff:

  • Copy of Ben Stoeger’s Skills and Drills. Big book of live fire range drills and stuff that’s nice to have when you’re on the range.
  • A couple cans of the cheapest white paint I can get my hands on. I use it for painting steel targets, and it can be handy for marking shooting areas on the ground, etc.
  • Practice magazines – I replaced all my magazines at the beginning of this shooting season, so all my old ones are in my practice bag. The reason for this is, the range that I’m a member of has the finest, siltiest sand that really does a number on magazines, even Glock mags. Since I’m not someone who likes to spend a bunch of time cleaning guns and magazines, I use all my old ones at my practice range and let them get filthy, and then use my new mags for matches at other ranges that don’t have the same dusty sand.
  • Mechanix Gloves, these are great for setup and tear down. They keep your hands from getting torn up by random staples on target sticks, etc.
  • Staple gun, and I keep it loaded with the longest, heaviest duty staples that it will take. I think they’re ½” I like the long staples because they go through enough two targets easily, and still have plenty of staple to get into the target stick, so you don’t have to worry about your no-shoots falling off in the middle of practice, etc.
  • Cheap duct tape is a recent addition to my range bag. I’ve started wrapping all of my steel target sticks in duct tape to hold them together a little more when they catch a stray bullet in practice.
  • Speedo goggle anti-fog stuff. Works great to smear a little on your shooting glasses to make sure they don’t fog up on you at a match. It’s just a little bottle of a couple ounces, but I’ve probably had mine for 6 or 7 years and it’s still mostly full. I only use it every couple months, and just a couple drops at a time.
  • Several sheets of dots. Ben Stoeger has a .PDF of dots that you can print out and I have a bunch of the sheets in my range bag. It’s a good drill that will humble the heck out of you if you start getting too cocky.
  • Pasters and target tape. If you’re not pasting targets in practice, you’re totally wrong. Sometimes if I’m shooting some bill-drills or something I’ll conserve pasters and only paste holes outside of the A-zone, but otherwise mostly I paste everything, ever run.
  • Sunblock
  • Big ugly wide brimmed hat
  • Shooting shoes, and socks for them. I tend to find myself at the range with flip-flops on, so having these in my range bag is good for me.
  • 9v batteries for my timer and chronograph. I hate buying these things because they’re expensive. I change the batteries in all my smoke detectors every 6 months, then I save the old batteries and use them up in my chronograph and shot timer. I NEVER have to buy batteries specifically for them anymore.
  • Pocket Pro 2 Shot Timer. Just get one of these, and don’t get anything else.

Triangle Tactical Podcast Facebook Group

Here’s where to find the new Triangle Tactical Facebook group. I want this to be a place where we can all share things about matches, practice, what’s going well, things you need help with, etc.

I think it will allow you to interact more with other podcast listeners in a way that the regular Facebook page doesn’t really allow for.

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Editor/Head Honcho at Triangle Tactical. Lucas is a life long shooter and outdoorsman, avid concealed carrier and competitive shooter, and a lover of pork fat.

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