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Q&A: Major Matchitis, 9mm NATO, and Guide Rods

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Luke how can I cure major match-itis I shoot wonderfully at my local matches but i just seem to choke at major matches

Thank you,



Hey Luke – Two questions for you:

  1. I’m getting ready to shoot my first competitive match in the next month or so if my schedule allows. I’m wondering if something as simple as Winchester white box ammunition is adequate. My range ammo is typically the Winchester NATO 9mm (124 grain) round and have a ton of it stockpiled, it’s a known quantity in my firearms. The thought is that if it’s good enough for government work it’s probably good enough for me. Can I bring 250-300 rounds and be fine?
  2. What is your average price per round reloading? Christmas is coming and I may just ask the wife to get me a mid-quality reloading set. However, break-even price is in the neighborhood of $0.20 per round. It sounds like reloading is great for your lifestyle, but how does it break down economically, and how much time does it take to reload 100 rounds, or how many can you reload in, say, an hour?

Anyway, thanks for the podcast, your content and delivery is great. I can never make the live show due to my schedule, but enjoy hearing it a few days later. Have a great day!

-Matt in St. Louis


Hey Luke. A quick Q&A question for you. I’m shooting a P320 X5 and starting to use ammo with reduced loads. I read that with lighter loads you should also replace the recoil spring with a weaker one. I’m curious how I can tell what spring is the right weight? I’ve read people using 12# up to 14#, but won’t the proper weight change depending on the ammo? I want to lower the muzzle flip as much as possible, but don’t want to create problems by using too light of a spring. Any tips on how to experiment with different springs and tell which one is the right one?

In order to use 1911 springs I also have to replace the guide rod. I’ve seen X5 guide rods made of different materials and weights (stainless steel, tungsten, and “super black” stainless steel). What impact does differences in the guide rod have?

Thanks Luke. Love the podcasts and really appreciate having another resource to get questions like this answered.

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