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Q&A: Tracking Progress and Stopping the Blink

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Hi Luke,

I’m curious to learn how and if you and others go about tracking progress from match to match. There is a lot of data that you can get from each match and I’m wondering if there are any resources that you may be aware of to help track trends over time. I know I could create a spreadsheet, and am curious to learn if there is any other alternatives.
Another part of the question would then be, what specific data points should you be tracking?
Any thoughts / ideas you have on this are greatly appreciated.
Carry on!


Hi Luke,

1. Any tricks to stop blinking when the shot goes off?  After a few bill drills and/or stages, I can start to see the sights lift, see fire from the muzzle and cases eject, but for the first 10 minutes or so of every session I struggle to not blink.  Any ideas to help me get to the point where I can just not blink, right from the start of a match or practice session?
2. Can you talk about the fitness level required to shoot USPSA?  I am almost 50, with terrible knees and about 40 pounds overweight.  Will I be a joke at a USPSA match? I don’t see many fat people in USPSA videos, but maybe they just don’t upload as much content as fit people?  Anyway,  I don’t mind being there, but I certainly don’t want to slow down a super fast match.  Maybe you can talk about your own fitness level and how it helped your shooting to lose weight, or not.
Thank you,


What would you consider the best “safe area” gun handling practices? What should you avoid and will get you DQ’d?

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