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Q&A: How to Get Your Friends Started in Competition?

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There was a question in the live chat about chronographs:

This is the chrono that I use, and I like it a lot. It’s affordable, and works well.


I’ve heard you say you darken the fiber in your front sight. What is your reasoning behind this?




Let’s say a newer shooter, who has a few matches under their belt with a “good enough to get started, but not very competitive” gun, decides that they want to buy a better gun.  

If they have the means, would you recommend that they try several different guns until they find the perfect fit (even if that means them jumping between guns quite a bit in the short term, knowing that they will eventually settle on one and start putting in work)?  Or would you recommend they just pick a gun that is known to be competitive and get to work immediately?  

Does your opinion differ if the shooter is an experienced (A class or above) USPSA shooter looking to switch divisions?



Hi Lucas,

I’ve heard you kind of talk around this subject, but not really specific on the details. I know in production you need lots of A’s to stay competitive, but also be fast.

Is there a specific percentage range of A’s at the end of a match you think thats a good guideline to weather your shooting too fast and too many C’s or taking too much time, trying to shoot all A’s?



What is the best way to get a friend over the “i am not ready for competition, i need more practice hump”? I keep telling him, if you can draw safely and keep the gun pointed in a safe direction and not sweep yourself you will do fine and have a great time. Just he is really competitive and is afraid of the standings at the end of the day I think.

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