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What Do You Think of Carry Optics These Days?


How do you feel about carry optics these days? I’ve thought about trying it down the line, just because I’ve heard training with a dot has benefits for iron sight shooters. But between stories of rampant optic unreliability, the cost of getting another gun+optic/new upper+optic, and persistent confusion over who this division really serves, I’m seriously conflicted about doing it.


Not really a competition question, but how often do you change your EDC self defense ammo?


I started this game pretty much before or as the internet was just coming out. I am currently a master class limited and an A class single stack shooter. A class in SS by default since I am master in limited. I have never taken any shooting instruction from anyone I am pretty much self taught. I do teach/instruct some USPSA type classes through out the year at my club. When do you think it is a good time for someone to take USPSA structured training from an instructor? And does that instructor have to be a National/World champion? Thanks Lucas, Bruce

Nick 2.0

Have you ever used adjustable thumbscrews on your holster? I see a lot of pro shooters using them, but remain skeptical that they provide an advantage. I’d rather find a sweet spot in retention and have my draw always feel the same, than fuss with the tension before each stage. Any thoughts?

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