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The first piece of advice anyone gave me about USPSA

When I shot my first match, a local Grand Master shooter gave me a piece of advice that’s stuck with me to this day:

“You’re not one of Charlie’s Angels, so don’t try to be them.”

He then went on to explain that new shooters have a tendency to lock their elbows when they’re transitioning from one array of targets to another, and they’ll swing their pistol either up or down like Charlie’s Angels, instead of simply pulling it in and pushing it back out.

Boy, was he ever right. Ever since I became a Range Officer, I’ve become very aware of how often new shooters do this.

At best, it’s slower than pulling the gun in, and at worst it’s dangerous because when you add in movement, you can sweep your legs with the muzzle, and that’s never a good thing.

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  1. Mine was, remember to breathe!

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