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What’s Killing Our Matches and Burning out our Match Directors?

I’m not sure if it’s because it’s nearing the end of the traditional “shooting season” or what, but I’ve been talking to a few different people about how their match director is about to quit, or they themselves are a match director, and they don’t know what to do because they’re totally burned out, and they’re not sure how to keep that burnout away.

So, on Sunday I released a survey trying to gather some data on what is killing matches. 

First, I asked respondents to rank the health of their local match. 

The average (mean) score was 7.6. This is exceptionally high, but remember this survey went to shooters, not just match directors. A lot of shooters may not be fully aware of all the things going on with their match.

The second question was asking about the biggest issue effecting their local match. 

I got answers from people in paragraph format, because I wanted them to really tell me what was really going on. Because of that, I did have to take some liberties when categorizing the comments, but here’s what I came up with:

43% of people who responded to this question said that the biggest issue was that there weren’t enough volunteers.

27% mentioned something about the host club either being hostile to matches, or something like that.

8% mentioned that they didn’t have room to grow.

The third question was asking about what the biggest thing is that’s helping your match thrive.

32% of answers mentioned having plenty of volunteers.

17.5% mentioned having a great host club.

35% mentioned something about great stage designs, or things like that (which, if I can make a reach, probably come from having a lot of volunteers…)

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