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Ruger wants input on an IDPA gun

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: a Ruger SR9 with no safety, a 5″ barrel, and a decent set of adjustable sights, and forward cocking serrations, and hell, might as well add an optic cut, would make a killer beginner competition gun.

There was never really anything wrong with the Ruger SR9, except for the safety (which felt oddly placed in my hand), which was probably part of the reason the gun never really took off in the competition world.

Basically, why not take an SR9, and add the features of the Sig P320X5/Canik TP9SFX to it, and bring it in at a decent price point, and I think it would be a great pistol to push folks who are brand new towards as their first competition gun.

Interestingly, today IDPA posted a survey on their Facebook page where Ruger is asking for the features people would like to see in and IDPA gun. Seems really interesting to see a big player in the gun world taking an interest in competitive shooters…

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