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Q&A: Any Tips for Shooting IDPA with a Weapon Mounted Light?

Mike asked this question a while back and I answered it on a Q&A podcast, but I wanted to re-address it in a video format, because it makes it a little easier to understand.

Do you have any advice for shooting a night match (IDPA if it matters) with a weapon mounted light? I have been turning it on with my trigger finger after I draw it but wonder if it would be better to use my support hand? Any other advice you can give will be appreciated. Love the podcast and all you do for the shooting sports. Keep it up.

A weapon mounted light isn’t going to be legal in a sanctioned IDPA match, but around here most night matches will run under outlaw rules to allow a division with weapon mounted lights.

In general, shooting with a weapon mounted light won’t be all that big of a deal. Turn it on, and go to work. It’s basically not a whole lot different than shooting in the daylight.

The tricky part comes from shooting with a flashlight. How will you hold it? How will you do a reload with the flashlight in your weak hand? Those sorts of things are what you need to consider.

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