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Protecting Your Data

Here’s a video about keeping a bunch of your data out of the hands of Google and Facebook. In just a couple weeks I’m already seeing less targeted ads on Facebook, and more general ads, and ads that are definitely mis-targeted at me, which is great.

YouTube is becoming a hostile place for gun related channels, so ever since their last round of restrictions of pro-gun content a bunch of new websites have popped up to offer a welcoming home for your favorite gun channels.

Today, I checked out the new Utah Gun Exchange video site, and being as new as it is, I like what I see. It’s not without bugs, but any website is in the beginning.

Where to look for your favorite gun channels if they’re no longer on YouTube:

In addition to the Utah Gun Exchange video site, here are a few others that you should check out:

Full30 – They will be opening up to everybody soon, but at the time of this being published, they aren’t open to everyone just yet.

I’ve heard some rumblings about a website called GetZone, but I don’t see anything about them allowing random anybodys to upload there, so the rumblings I’ve hears may not be totally accurate.


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