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New Carry Rig Tour

I picked up a Glock 43. For the longest time I’ve wanted one, but I never actually pulled the trigger and bought one. There’s a million write ups it’s there in this gun, and mine isn’t special, so let’s talk about the holster:

Changing Holsters:

I’ve been a hybrid holster user for years and years. My old Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe has been a trusty companion for a very long time, but that isn’t too say that it isn’t without it’s issues. The biggest issue I personally had with the CBST is that I’m constantly hiking up my pants with it. Like, all the time. It never ends. It does such a good job spreading out the signature of the gun, that it makes my pants slide down on the holster side all the time.

John from Active Self Protection did a video a while back about why hybrid holsters suck, and I’m happy to say that my CBST doesn’t really suffer from most or these issues, it just makes my pants sag constantly.

Enter the RCS Morrigan:

To combat the sagging thing, I wanted to get something with a smaller footprint. Obviously changing from a G19 to a G43 will bring a smaller footprint, but I also wanted a smaller holster. I’ve been intrigued by the RCS Morrigan holster since it first came out, due to the hook and loop closure, and the soft loops.

It’s my first holster with soft loops, and I’m a fan. I like how they are so much more stable than belt clips, which I honestly didn’t expect.

The hook and loop closure is actually something that I’ve been curious about since the Morrigan was first released, and in my first couple weeks using it, I’m a fan. No issues what-so-ever.

This isn’t a full review of any of the new stuff, just some initial thoughts on the new gear.

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  1. Glock 43 is an awesome choice as concealed carry hadgun, good choice!

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