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Loose Ends

Listen to the podcast: This week I wanted to wrap up a couple loose ends that I didn’t cover in the last few episodes about folks that are new to competitive shooting. Leniency for new shooters. I’m the first person to tell you to come shoot with the gear you’ve got just to get your feet wet in the shooting sports. I don’t care if your gun isn’t quite legal (as long as it’s safe) …

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Should I use an Airsoft Pistol for Dryfire?

Kirk in Wisconsin asks today’s Q&A podcast question: What are you thoughts on using blow back air soft pistols for dry fire practice. I am considering a M&P 9c blowback air soft for dry fire. Or just shooting in the back yard. Would being able to see the air soft bb cause me to not focus on front site and watch shot or move eyes off front sight? What about just using the blowback and …

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