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Shooting Sponsorships and You

I remember showing up to my first USPSA match and being kind of intimidated by all of the folks that were there with their fancy shooting shirts, covered in sponsor logos. Patrick in Detroit sent in a question for the Q&A podcast way back in about July of 2016. At the time I promised him that I’d do an episode about his question, and I set out looking for someone to interview who knows more …

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Treating a Match Like an Athletic Event

I am getting ready for the XTreme Bullets Texas 3-Gun Championship in Marble Falls Texas so most of my activity has been around getting all my gear and ammo ready for this match and trying to fit a little bit of practice in. I ran up to Hayes Custom Guns to return a PCC I had borrowed from Steve. Got to go out for a little practice session with Steve, Ben Hayes and Josh Kenny …

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Things That Make You Go “Ugghhh” At a Match

Listen to the Podcast: I’ve been asking for your voicemails for this episode of the podcast asking “what makes you go “ugghhh” at a match”. Now, the goal of this episode isn’t to bash the shooting sports, or bash other competitors or anything like that. My goal with this was to have some lighthearted entertainment, and hopefully get some things that other might be able to use to improve themselves, or improve their match. …and …

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Jesse Tishauser Knows that Skills>Tools

The other day, 3Gun Nation Pro Series competitor Jesse Tishauser posted some pictures on Instagram of his new SVI Infinity “Panty Dropper” pistol. SVI Infinity Range Time #IGGunslingers #gun #guns #gunporn #2A #2ndamendment #infinityfirearms #igmilitia #Gunsdaily #Gunsdaily1 #weaponsdaily #weaponsfanatics #sickguns #sickgunsallday #defendthesecond #dailybadass #weaponsfanatics #gunsofinstagram #gunowners #worldofweapons #tacticallife #gunfanatics #gunslifestyle #gunsbadassery #gunspictures #bossweapons #carsandguns #pantydropper A post shared by Jesse Tischauser (@jesse_tischauser) on Jun 10, 2015 at 6:35pm PDT The bling is strong, but it …

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2014 MGM Ironman Videos

Rather than working on some great blog content, or cleaning guns, or reloading today, I’ve been sitting in front of my computer monitor watching YouTube videos of the 2014 MGM Ironman 3-Gun match that took place earlier this month. The stages are huge, and some of them involve things like a zip line, driving a golf cart, running through an underground bunker, and more steel targets than you can shake a 40 round PMAG at. …

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