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How to Get Started in Competitive Shooting:

Starting something new can be intimidating.  When that new thing involves firearms and a timer, it can be overwhelming to get involved in if you don’t know where to start. Do not worry, young padawan, I am here to help.

I’ve noticed a trend on local shooting forums where people will add a comment to a thread about a shooting match and say something like “I wish I could do that, but I’m not a good enough shot” or “I need more practice”, or something to that effect. Some of these people have been making the same comments for years. If you want to try competitive shooting, do it. Nobody cares how bad of a shot you are. Chances are, they will all be stuffing magazines, or BSing while you are shooting anyways. As long as you are safe, you will enjoy your time. You will also be surprised how fast you improve.

Who wouldn’t like to spend an afternoon at the range, with 100 other gun nuts, blasting holes in cardboard targets? Somewhere, somehow, people got it into their heads that competition shooters are all professional shooters, and there isn’t room for the little guy. This is false. 100% false. Shooting sports are for the gun nuts.

I started a thread on a local shooting web forum, asking people why they are not involved in competitive shooting and the overwhelming response was that they either did not know where to start, or they didn’t want to show up unprepared and be “that guy” that shows up unprepared, or breaks some unspoken rule, or whatever.

The first thing you need to do, is decide what type of match you want to shoot. I’m going to focus primarily on action pistol type matches because they are the most popular, and probably the easiest to get started shooting.

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