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Triangle Tactical is a blog and podcast serving the North Carolina Research Triangle and beyond with firearms and outdoors news, self defense, and competitive shooting content. My goal is to be a resource for shooters, concealed carriers, and outdoorsmen and women in the NC research triangle.

I’m Lucas, and I started the blog and podcast here at triangletactical.net back in 2012. I’m an avid competition shooter, and outdoors enthusiast. I do most of the blogging at Triangle Tactical, as well as host the podcast. I’ve been shooting for as long as I can remember, and won my first competition at a young age shooting a .22lr standing rifle match with my Boy Scout troop. I’m an Eagle Scout, and learned the basics of shooting, and outdoor skills from my time in scouting.

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  1. Hello Lucas,

    Thanks for all the info you put out…I have been reading your blog for a few months and really appreciate the work you put into it.

    I am looking for some revolver specific self defense training in the Triangle and so have come up empty. Do you have any resources you can share?



  2. Lucas are you going to be at the Greensboro gun show this weekend?

  3. Guys… I’ve been listening to your podcast for a couple of months now and just want to say “thanks” for putting together a quality product. It’s smart, informative and always entertaining and rises above lots of other competing options. Always well worth my time.

    Now about that free swag… 🙂

    Charlottesville VA

  4. Hello from Central California. I have been listening to the podcast a long time and really appreciate the work you put out. I just started shooting USPSA recently and love it. I am going to gain some weight and try IDPA too.

    The podcast that I enjoyed the most was definetly the homage to Steve Andersen, Ben Stoeger, Michael Bane, et al. I would love to hear a regular segment that features those characters answering a question once a week.

    Keep up the good work and thank you,


  5. I like that idea. Add Cooper to that

  6. Great blog! I’ve been reading your stuff for a while now. Glad to know there’s many like minded people around here. We should collaborate sometime.

  7. Lucas, thanks for “gear that doesn’t suck.” Got a StylusLight Pro several weeks ago based on your comments. Friday night out pig hunting in Florida we were after one my friend wounded. Had the StylusLight with me. Short version. The wounded pig charged me out of the dark and I couldn’t get my rifle up in time. Shined the flashlight into the pig’s eyes and it changed direction and it didn’t hit me. Later when we got the pig cornered, it took three rounds from my .44 mag to put him down. Tough pig. I had the flashlight because it’s easy to carry. It may have saved my ass that night.


  8. Spencer McMaster

    I just listened to Q&A #89. I agree that many refuse to recognize or acknowledge how important practice and training are when a person is attempting to master an activity.
    When dealing with such people, remember that some will bitch and moan even if their nut are clamped in a solid gold vise!
    Keep up the great podcasts!
    Spence in West Somewhere, USA

  9. Hi Lucas,
    Been enjoying your show since I found it just a few months ago. Keep up the good work. Just curious – I couldn’t find this anywhere. What do you use for equipment and modifications with you G34 when competing? Thanks.
    From a new Gen4 G34 MOS owner named Mark

  10. Hey Lucas and Ben, enjoy the podcast. I am a regular listener just don’t get a chance to blog much. Keep up the great work. Nathan

  11. Hey guys. Just discovered your podcast and I am HOOKED. I am 36 and just got my CHP in NC. I just moved to the Charlotte area (Mooresville, NC) last year after spending my entire life in NYS. Because of their gun laws, I never even thought about buying a gun. Now that I live in NC, I got my CHP and have found my new “hobby”. All that being said, I am completely new to guns and would love to see you guys in person. Are you in the Charlotte area, or ever in the area? I am eager to educate myself on all things guns and you guys know your stuff! Keep up the good work. New listener and student to you!

    • Hey Rick, I’m not in the Charlotte area very often, but if you’re interested in competition I’m certain I can find someone in the area to show you the ropes.

      Carry on,

  12. Hey guys, I’ve been looking for an inexpensive bullet for my 9mm M&P Pro. I cast my own lead bullets, but found that the M&P inner diameter of the stock barrel is over sized (.357″ rather than the SAAMI speced .355″). That makes shooting lead very inaccurate and leaves the barrel leaded. I hear your recommendation for Blue Bullets, but see that their bullets are sized .355″. That has me wondering how accurate they would be in an over sized barrel. I believe one of you two shoots the M&P, true? Have you had any accuracy or leading issues? I see Blue Bullets also sells a .38 bullet that is sized .357″ that could possibly solve my problem if the 9mm bullet doesn’t work.

  13. Hello Ben and Lucas
    Love your podcasts. Started with old ones and working my way to the current ones.
    Have a question for you. How does IDPA scoring done? Looked at rule book and don’t understand.
    Looking to go to a qualifier for my first contest this fall. Closest range for IDPA is 3 1/2 hours away.
    Keep up the good work.
    Jay from Nebraska

  14. Hey Lucas! Thanks for all the great info you put out! I am 40 and going to be shooting my first match this Spring. Maybe a little old for a first timer but I can’t wait to get started. As you have mentioned, going to your first match can be intimidating. I don’t have any friends in to the shooting sports so that is definitely the case for me. Your podcast has been extremely help in giving me the info needed to break through the mental barriers and get out there. I also love the collab with Dave Hartman, I am a big fan of his as well! Would be great to have you guys together on a podcast.

    I appreciate the work you put in to help spread the word and get new shooters off the couch and out to the range.

    Tony from Minnesota

  15. We have a shoot on the 4th Saturday of each month down in the Fayetteville Fort Bragg area, we run from 4 to 7 stages at each shoot. we can shoot 180 deg. in the bays. we have about 100 steel targets and for the close stuff under 10 meters we have paper. This is a CQB match.(Close Quarters Combat) We shoot on the move as well as all the other stuff. FB link is on the web site. triadshooting.com

  16. Could you talk sometime about how to break down a stage i.e the fastest way to shoot a stage and any tips to avoid fte’s on large arrays

    The mental game is holding me back


  17. Hi Luke,
    I really enjoy your podcast and you have inspired me to try competitive shooting for the first time. So far that has only included a bimonthly event at my local square range but I hope to try steel challenge next within a few weeks. I will give you a first match voicemail after that.

    I ordered some blue bullets about a week ago and was wondering what kind of wait times are normal. Most ammo companies have delays so I’m not surprised, just wondering what your experience has been.

    Thanks for all you do, Dan.

    • I haven’t placed an order in a while, but I know they’re always casting and shipping as quick as possible. If you’re concerned about the order, you should contact them and see when they expect it’ll ship.

  18. Dont you think it’s time to come back.

  19. Hey Lucas, I met your through the podcast meet-up in Raleigh. Javier and I would like to talk to you about a new project we are working on. Please email me ([email protected]) or call me (703-434-1551), when you have a moment. Thanks! John Taylor

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