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This is Embarrassing… (Appendix Carry Content)

As you surely know I’ve been experimenting with appendix carry for a few months now, and I’ve been pretty happy with this method of carry, as it seems to excel in most situations. This past weekend I found out that there’s one situation where appendix carry doesn’t excel… I was driving back to NC after visiting family in Northern Michigan, and after several hours on the road I needed to make a pit stop at …

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Appendix Carry Update

A couple months ago I posted about my first day of carrying appendix, and since then I’ve been carrying this way more and more. I started out with my Glock 19, but since the Springfield XDs 9mm arrived, it has become my primary carry gun, and it rides in the appendix position much better than the Glock 19 ever did (smaller, thinner, all that.) Since starting this experiment just a couple months ago I’ve accumulated …

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Appendix Carry: Day 1

I’ve been experimenting with appendix carry (aiwb) for a few weeks while walking the dog, or around the house, but until today I’d never carried aiwb out of the neighborhood. The Gear: The pistol carried, was a Gen3 Glock 19 that has been my main concealed carry pistol for several years. It’s basically stock, except for a set of Ameriglo GL-433 night sights, and a very slight undercut of the trigger guard. Today the pistol …

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