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Massad Ayoob on Las Vegas CCW Hero

On the most recent episode of Gun Talk with Tom Gresham, Massad Ayoob was a guest, and the two talked about Joseph Wilcox, the armed citizen in Las Vegas that gave his life attempting to stop the psycho killers that had burst into the WalMart where he was. Mas brings up other cases where armed citizens have saved the day, one that I hadn’t heard of before: The University of Texas bell tower shooting in …

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CHP Holder Shoots Hostage Taker

A man entered a Dollar General store and began waving a gun around, and eventually attempted to usher his hostages into the breakroom of the store. I’ve been told that once a person begins to move hostages into a different location, people die. During a simple robbery, the robber usually wants to get out of the scene pretty quickly in order to get away, and the situation doesn’t involve rounding people up at gunpoint. It …

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